More than 135 years of construction material tradition

Profibaustoffe Austria GmbH was founded originally in 1883 as a merger of several lime works in Ernstbrunn, 30 km north of Vienna. The focus of the company today is the development, production and marketing of high-quality building materials for walls, floors, facades, gardens, road constructions and industrial applications (lime) under the Profibaustoffe brand.

The company from Lower Austria has subsidiaries in Hungary and the Czech Republic. There are production sites in Ernstbrunn by Vienna, Dabas by Budapest and Brno. Each year more than 600,000 tons of Profibaustoffe building materials are produced (including quarry business). This corresponds to a truck convoy of approximately 370 km in length. The corporate group has experienced an above average boom since 2005 with the new management.

Historie Ernstbrunn

It all started in 1883 with three annular kilns

The first lime works in Austria was founded by Adolf Rochleder in 1883. That makes it one of the oldest lime works in Austria. Production began with simple field kilns and just a few tons per day.

The industrial development and expansion of the works was realised in the following decades. A total of 3 annular kilns were built, and with the help of a rail siding, the works was able to supply a larger market.

The limestone was transported from the quarry to the lime works with a material cableway. At that time, manual labour was the basis for the lime production and very heavy work for the two hundred employees at that time.

Baustoff Produktion

Constantly high quality in the future as well

Consistent improvement of existing products and services as well as on-going new development of specialised and high-quality product systems are an established element of the company philosophy of the Ernstbrunn company.

Our fully-automated production guarantees constantly high quality in the future as well.