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  • How do I ensure optimal and season-independent thermal insulation?

    Ensuring that cosy warmth stays inside the house in winter should be a matter of course for all thermal insulation composite systems (WDVS). When looking at this topic in more detail, however, it is evident that adequate insulation in summer is also important. The thermal insulation composite systems from Profibaustoffe Austria GmbH guarantee you not only excellent thermal insulation in winter, but also optimal protection against heat during the summer months.

  • How can the formation of cracks be avoided?

    Repairing cracks that have already formed is very difficult and costly. To prevent this problem from occurring in the first place, it is vital to focus on quality from the beginning when selecting the material and also during processing. A freshly plastered façade will always present different moisture values. As a result, tensions are generated during drying that, when low-quality products are used, may lead to the formation of cracks.

    But that does not have to happen as cracks can be avoided. Building materials for your façade supplied by Profibaustoffe Austria GmbH are equipped with special and high-quality additives that reduce tensions during drying of the façade and thus significantly reduce the risk of crack formation. Make sure to pay attention to this difference in quality, you will save yourself money and frustration!

  • What can you do to preserve the good look of colours and surfaces in the long term?

    What makes a new façade look so beautiful are its fresh and bright colours. However, the joy only lasts if you made sure that you received adequate information on the quality differences of the offered products when choosing the building material! Many products have the tendency of turning yellow when exposed to daily UV radiation. With products of the Profibaustoffe brand, on the other hand, the colours of your façade will stay beautiful for a long time. High-quality colour pigments, such as e.g. those use in our anti-ageing plaster, ensure brilliant colours for many years. In addition, the use of special additives in our formulations provides a self-cleaning effect of the façade. And this also enhances the protection against mould and moss. Profibaustoffe Austria GmbH offers well thought-out solutions for a façade that will preserve its beautiful look for a long time.

  • Is it possible to achieve an interior climate that is balanced under the aspects of building physics?

    When we only look at the surface, it would be sufficient for building materials to protect us against outside weather influences. But what will protect us inside our own living rooms, e.g. from unwanted moisture? This is where the difference in quality of the offered building materials often becomes evident. Thanks to a special selection and optimal adaptation of the raw materials, Profibaustoffe ensures a favourable moisture balance under the aspects of building physics and thus an optimal room climate.

  • What layers does a professional WDVS comprise?

    To make sure that you can enjoy your thermal insulation composite system (WDVS) façade for a long time, the correct layer structure is important in addition to the selection of the right building materials. Therefore, pay attention to a carefully applied layer structure when working on your façade: a professionally produced and reliable thermal insulation composite system consists of the following layers:

    Layer 1: The glue ensures adhesion of the insulation boards to the substrate (bricks, concrete, etc.) and compensates any unevenness of the wall.
    Layer 2: The insulation boards (EPS) ensure heat insulation and prevent the formation of thermal bridges. Insulating materials made of rock wool additionally provide sound and fire protection.
    Layer 3: The adhesive fillers (first coating) and the embedded WDVS reinforcement fabric guarantee the necessary strength of the system. Impact and shock resistance of the façade will be enhanced significantly, while any thermal movements are compensated.
    Layer 4: The plaster base ensures optimal adhesion of the pasty finishing plaster. The latter provides the important weather protection function and gives your house the desired look.

  • How can I protect my façade against the negative impact of weather?

    Thermal insulation composite system

    Finishing plasters of the Profibaustoffe brand have fungicidal properties that delay the colonization by micro-organisms such as algae and fungi. Façade surfaces exposed to particular stress (north and west side) can additionally be equipped with a fungicide (PROFI biocide special protection) at the factory.

    Moreover, an additional façade coating (PROFI silicone resin façade paint) can achieve an even better rainwater-repellent effect.

    As per standard, periodic (annual) independent visual inspection is scheduled for residential buildings to determine any potential need for façade cleaning, among other things.

    Mineral plaster systems

    In the past few years, there has been a trend towards greater wall thicknesses and thus better thermal insulation for single-family houses. These wall systems do not require additional WDVS insulation.

    Profibaustoffe Austria GmbH also offers the optimal solution for this construction method to protect your house against any negative weather influences: PROFI MUP-L light undercoat plaster with the tried-and-tested plaster base and PROFI silicate plaster is a vapour-permeable plaster system optimally suited for these types of substrates.

    Here as well, an additional coat can enhance the protection against rain.

    Restoration & Renovation

    On old brickwork (normal format bricks, natural stones, etc.), it is particularly important to use plasters and plaster systems that have been adapted to these substrates. These should be capable of compensating any movements generated by the substrate to reduce crack formation to a minimum. In addition, vapour-permeability is also a decisive factor.

    With PROFI Poretec NHL lime systems, these requirements are fulfilled in an optimal manner. In addition, the finishing plaster (PROFI Poretec NHL high-grade lime plaster or PROFI Poretec NHL smoothing lime plaster) will provide protection against weather. These finishing plasters are hydrophilic and will quickly evaporate the absorbed rainwater into the ambient air.

    The use of PROFI Poretec WTA restoration systems is advised for brickwork that is moist and exposed to harmful salt (normally in the foundation area). These will ensure diffusion of the moisture from the brickwork, while its hydrophobic properties will prevent ingression of rainwater.