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Profibaustoffe Austria GmbH and its products stand for:






The high-quality PROFI building materials make an important contribution to creating an
individual and cosy living space thereby increasing your feeling of personal comfort.

Quality Management


The company is certified in compliance with EN ISO 9001 and meets all the quality requirements of a responsible manufacturer of innovative building materials.

The latest mixing systems, environmentally friendly high-performance shaft kilns, powerful grinding mills and highly trained employees are the guarantee for high-quality building material solutions.

Own Works Lab


Our works’ own lab is not only for product development, but also for on-going quality control.

Additional, periodical external monitoring by authorised testing centres guarantee the high quality standard of Profibaustoffe Austria GmbH building materials.



Profibaustoffe Austria GmbH places very high priority on environmentally friendly production. The principles of the company management are orientated around economical and ecological goals. Therefore, forward-looking resource protection, minimisation of energy and emissions as well as optimisation of the use of raw materials and fuel are important aspects during production. Profibaustoffe Austria GmbH is a supporting member of the Austrian Institute of Building Biology and Ecology and of Nature Plus.

Healthy Construction

The increasingly high environmental pollution in the past few years has had a massively adverse effect on the ecological balance worldwide. For this reason, Profibaustoffe Austria GmbH has developed ecological building materials and products for several years that help to stem this pollution and hence contribute to healthier living. This commitment has already won several awards. The following products of the Profibaustoffe brand have been awarded the IBO certificate by IBO, the Austrian Institute for Building Biology and Building Ecology.

  • PROFI MP2 Glättputz 0,8 mm
  • PROFI MP4 0,8 mm
  • PROFI MGZ 0,8 mm
  • PROFI Estrich CT-C30-F5 (E300)
  • PROFI Estrich CT-C30-F5 (E300) mit Faserzusatz
  • PROFI Estrich CT-C20-F4 (E225)
  • PROFI Estrich CT-C20-F4 (E225) mit Faserzusatz
  • PROFI Zementfließestriche
  • PROFI Alphafließestriche

Natureplus Label

Natureplus is the international eco-label for sustainable construction products and stands for health-friendliness, environmentally sound and energy-efficient production, preservation of limited resources and fitness for use. The products certified by this label are primarily made of raw materials that are renewable or that have been produced in an environmentally friendly manner. Independent tests and the strictest Europe-wide applicable limit values for substances that may present a health risk guarantee the safety of the certified products. The use of ecological building materials preserves the natural resources. In addition, the use of the certified Profibaustoffe products can increase the points balance of the ÖKOPASS and thus generate higher state subsidies.

  • PROFI Faradayus MK1
  • PROFI MK1 0,8 mm
  • PROFI MK8 Klimaputz 0,8 mm
  • PROFI Feinputz 0,6 mm
  • PROFI MK2 1,2 mm

Vital building materials

To increase the well-being within our own four walls, Profibaustoffe Austria GmbH has designed energetically activated building materials the raw material use, composition and production of which are based on important findings in radiesthesia, the theory of the effect of radiation on organisms. In addition, the natural, vitalising mineral plasters and dry mortars fulfil all building engineering requirements.

  • PROFI MK1 0,8 mm
  • PROFI ZEO Putz 2 mm
  • PROFI MK8 Klimaputz 0,8 mm
  • PROFI JURA Klimaputz 0,8 mm
  • PROFI MK2 1,2 mm